Are plastic surgeons pioneers in hair transplant?

Plastic surgeons and their field of Plastic surgery have been identified in this research paper as the single most specialty that has been instrumental in evolving the field of hair transplant in general and minimally invasive and safe hair transplant procedures in particular.

This is natural and the microscopic work that is required in modern-day precision procedures for hair transplant is cut out for the field of plastic and reconstructive microsurgery.

Plastic surgeons have been trained to work on small tissues like blood vessels and their hand-eye co-ordination while using high power magnification cannot be rivaled by any other specialty.

Hair transplant today requires the use of magnification up to 20x and long hours of microscopic work for which the right posture and ergonomics have to be in place.

Institutional training in the field of reconstructive microsurgery has provided these top-end skills to plastic surgeons. No other field eligible to perform hair transplant surgeries is so rigorously trained in microsurgery as a plastic surgeon is.

A plastic surgeon who is wholly and soully dedicated to the field of hair transplant will provide greater precision, safe procedures and natural results that are high in density.

This article thus has rightly arrived at the conclusion that it is the plastic surgeon who has evolved the finer aspects of the field of modern-day minimally invasive hair restoration surgery.

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