Take heart from the fact that you are not alone- for every good hair transplant there are 12 bad hair transplants out there!! So do your research well, choose your Doctor with due diligence and care….
The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the apex certifying private body comprising the world’s best hair transplant doctors. www.iahrs.org Do you know only 2 doctors from India are approved by this body for state of the art, consistently pleasing results amidst a friendly, ethical and caring environment.
Hair restoration is a very complicated procedure which requires proficiency, team work and state of the art equipment, latest sterilization techniques, etc.
When it comes to hair loss mostly people confide in their family doctor, close friend or hair dresser, but don’t know where to find the right solution. Hair loss is considered to be a natural process occurring in those who are genetically predisposed. In India the prevalence of male pattern baldness is 63.4% which is one of the highest in the world. Medical illnesses like thyroid or glandular problems can also lead to receding hair lines in those with the male pattern baldness gene. In order to overcome the bald look you need to seek advice from a hair transplant surgeon. Making a correct decision, however, does take a little bit of research. Continue reading Bad Hair Transplants- HAVING A BAD HAIR TRANSPLANT?

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The 'Ugly Duckling' phase of surgical hair restoration is a euphemism for that period of the timeline of hair transplant result when it is in the healing phase of hair transplant when the crusts are present and they give an unkempt look and also when after they shed, the phase of shedding of graft hairs and later the shock loss…


Timeline of hair regrowth after hair transplant – What to expect!

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure and is linked to emotions and very often the patient would want to know how long it will take his grafts to grow and he will see a result. Patients are mostly impatient and for a reason. After a period of shedding that starts after 7days after the procedure and continues till 4-6 weeks,…


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