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What hair characteristics contribute to our unique appearance and help the hair transplant surgeon while planning hair transplantation in hair loss?


Hair transplantation is a science-based medical and surgical procedure that the patient undergoes to achieve an outcome of esthetic improvement. The hair transplant physician must, therefore, be a master of surgical esthetics as well as surgical technique.

Dr Bhatti has studied all these characteristics exhaustively and has come to the following conclusions-

The characteristics of hair which make a difference while hair transplantation are essentially 4-

  • Colour-blond, red, brown, black and varying shades of each.
  • Calibre (diameter of hair shaft)-fine, medium, or thick in cross-section.
  • Geometry-straight, wavy, curly, frizzy.

These salient characteristics are essential considerations while planning and undertaking hair transplantation These also reflect other features like skin color, color contrast between hair and scalp skin, hair density (number of hairs per square centimeter of scalp skin), elasticity of scalp skin, and size and shape of the patient’s head as a determinant in planning for placement of transplanted hair. Continue reading Beat Hair Transplant India

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