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Dr Tejinder Bhatti is an eminent plastic surgeon with years of guaranteed success in hair transplants emanating out of rigorous training in plastic surgery techniques.

The entire procedure is done by Dr Bhatti personally alongwith and his well trained courteous and efficient staff.

Painless technique of local anaesthesia with a special fine bore needle, designed out of years of experience

Donor site is closed with stitchless trichophytic technique without charging extra.

Mega-sessions upto 5000 grafts.

A magical mix of medicine and surgery produces thick lush hair.

All the very best equipment used for a complete pain free, anxiety free, homely experience while at the clinic.

Conveniently located at Chandigarh for the convenience of clients from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and UP for Punjabis residing abroad. Direct flights exist from all major cities of the country. Chandigarh now has an international airport.

The unit is designed adhering to the latest standards in hair transplantation after years of work in USA, UK and Paris.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti is personally available to answer your queries at +91-9814531111 and at dearbhatti@gmail.com

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