Celebrity hairlines

Hair transplant is common in celebrities from the movie and music industry in India as in other parts of the world. It is an issue here of looking good and not just a concern of body image with psychological consequences. A celebrity usually has a time span of 2-8 years in show-biz and has to look good in front of the camera at all time. Even a slight distortion or thinning of the hairline might not be acceptable.

What is a conservative hairline after most hair transplants will not be acceptable by a celebrity since he needs to be timeless, youthful and good looking like always when he faces his camera. celebrities are extremely conscious of their good looks and will preserve them come what may. I have had to explain a number of times to a celebrity about the future hair loss he is most likely to get but more often than not it has fallen on deaf ears. This counseling might be good for the average bald client but for a celebrity a well defined hairline that is youthfully appealing is a must. Continue reading Celebrity hairlines

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