Doctor, can you harvest nape neck during my next procedure with you?

Doctor, I asked you on surgery day if you could also transplant me nape hair. I don`t know more what was the reason not to transplant (perhaps scars, or the lacking need to extract?), but after searching the topic, I found out that some highly recommended doctors perform successful nape hair extractions without visible scarring.
I think the advantages of adding donor hair to the grafts extracted are not to be denied:
– As the hairs are finer, a smaller extraction tool can be used, such as 0,6 mm perhaps. Hence, the scarring will be even less visible. Yes you are right that in white skin there are less chances of visible scarring.
– It is of a very good quality regarding the aesthatical appearance and would be perfect f.e. to soften the hairlines. Yes only for this purpose.
– More donor available

As for me, I have too much nape hair anyway, which goes down to far according to my aesthatical sensation, so I usually shave down to 0 mm.
I hence would be even glad to have it extracted. I don`t know how my hairline will look when my results will have established in some months, but perhaps I would like to “pimp” it and soften it up in a second procedure. If so, I would have sufficient trust in your surgical skills to act as your guinea pig.

I know people have been doing it. However in people like you with satisfactory donor sites, nape of the neck would not be advisable. The nape neck also takes more time and would therefore be at the cost of body hair like Dr Umar charges. In Indian and Asian skin, there is always the danger of hypopigmentation. This is the reason I have not been doing large numbers of this harvest. However please be cautioned that this is not scalp hair but body hair and would have a longer dormancy period.

You are most welcome!

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