Doctor will hair grow back at the donor area after FUE hair transplant?- Rahul

Dear Mr Rahul,

They never grow back whichever technique you might use.
Its like a plant removed from one place and planted at another. It will never grow back at the original place but at the new place will have lush growth after a period of dormancy- this period is 4 months after hair transplant.
Since we take just one hair out of 5 from the donor area (in most cases), it is hard to make out the difference when the remaining 4 grow back.
In FUE (unlike in FUT) even after 3 months if you shave the head, the spots are not visible to the naked eye (provided the punch size used is 0.75mm, the punch is Harris’ punch and the technique of the surgeon is atraumatic).
In FUT you can never trim your hair down to size 2 and in some cases where the scar is very wide, it will show even through one inch hair length

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