Dr Bhatti, should I get trained in FUE or FUT strip technique? (Dr Madan Mohal, Meerut, India)

I was trained in FUT hair transplant 15 years ago and did a large number of hair transplants. There was no other technique that would allow you to harvest 2500 grafts in a day-long sitting. Manual punches existed but their technology was primitive and you could not harvest more than 200-300 grafts in a whole day. The transections were also high.

Things have changed ever since. We have FUE emerging as the next BIG story on the ever-evolving canvas of modern-day hair transplants. It bewilders me how fast practices the world over are adapting to the change.

Every year 15% of doctors add FUE to their practice. This year I think the figure shall be higher.

In India (since I am witness to the hair transplant training world here, running my own training program for over 2 years) the figures are much higher.
Patients are scared of the strip procedure in India more than in any other country.

This has fuelled the increasing demand for FUE in India.
Indian doctors do not want to learn the strip procedure anymore.

However, I feel this is a wrong approach since there are some situations wherein you may have to resort to FUT hair transplant esp. in the afrotextured races. In some cases where the scalp has redundant folds and is very lax, FUE may be difficult. Here FUT would be better.

The problem is that if you are doing FUE routinely, switching occasionally to FUT may be a huge effort realigning the team for the day.

FUT is likely to go out of vogue in the next 5-10 years and FUE is likely to reign supreme due to its minimally invasive procedure and the choice of the patient to avoid a linear scar that may be visible.

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