Gray Hair and Hair Transplant Results, Facts & Myths


It is casually said that 50% people by the age 50 will have 50% hair turn gray. As we have discussed in the previous video, hair starts to turn gray as early as mid 30s to late 30s in most people.

In this video I will in brief after showing you certain results go through the 5 Myths about gray hair and hair transplant that are very often asked. I have compiled them with my answers in one single video towards the end.

To understand the topic, you need to know that graying is just merely a change in color and not a sign of aging or senescence. It is only a mere reflection of genetics when nature’s pigment melanin around hair bulbs runs out and it stains the hair shaft lighter and later whiter in subsequent hair cycles. When this will happen is dictated by your genes. 

If gray hair were aging or senescent hairs,, the hair that grow back after transplant would not grow back as thick and healthy and with good speed of growth as before. And hundreds of cases of hair transplant done in my center stand testimony to the fact that there is absolutely no difference between results of a hair transplant with gray hair as compared with a regular hair transplant using only black or hair with another color.

The only difference is that hair transplants using lighter color hair (which includes gray hair) is more technically demanding to perform.

5 Advantages of gray hair:

  1. Gray hair on a scalp that is relatively fair look more dense and give a fuller look than in fair people with black hair. This is due to the difference in contrast that enhances the effect of a hair transplant in graying fair people.
  2. The coarse nature of gray hair make them stand apart since there is lesser oil holding them together. This allows for better styling and waviness.
  3. Therefore number of grafts needed to give a full look is less than in a person with more hair skin color contrast.
  4. Gray hair can be dyed any color without the need to bleach them first. For bleaching causes hair damage.
  5. Lastly people with gray hair have more realistic expectations. Gray hair is associated with insight and wisdom after all!

The 5 myths associated with Gray hair.

  1. Is gray hair unhealthy? No gray hair is merely without melanin. There is no other difference from pigmented hair.
  2. Can hair transplant be done using gray hairs?
  3. Can only black hairs be used for my hair transplant?
  4. I noticed that after hair transplant my hair have started to gray.
  5. Can I get all gray hairs on my head replaced with black hairs?

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