A friend of mine who is a psychologist in the UK and based in central London told me the other day about the vast data available if you were to Google the phrase “Hair Loss Suicides”!. It is very interesting to note how hair loss would make a person contemplate ending his or her life and what the reasons would be. Since having a head full of hair is considered the sign of youth, vitality and vigor, the havoc hair loss creates with your body image is undeniable. Hair Loss especially in youth can be a calamitous experience. Baldness is a huge matter of contention for millions and trillions of men and women in this world. There is a social stigma attached to going bald. Moreover, it can lead to loss of self-esteem and heightened self-consciousness. In a survey of men and women who had suffered from conspicuous hair loss, 43 per cent said they had seriously considered suicide and 40 per cent said it had adversely affected their marriages. These statistics are mind boggling to say the least. If true it indicates how important hair is for the body image and how hair transplant is increasingly being seen as a necessity rather than a cosmetic luxury. Society discourages men from openly discussing their emotional reaction to hair loss leading to loss of self-esteem, frustration, social withdrawal, abjection and now even suicide. A person suffering from baldness surpasses through severe disappointment, utter despair, blames oneself incredibly nudging oneself in a deep dark hole of depression and self -absorption, pain, fear of future and deep loss thus leading to shutting out of rational thoughts and allowing suicidal feelings to enter the mind. Bald spots and receding hairlines scourge men of every race, creed and status. Hair loss does adversely affect one’s sensuality and perception about oneself. Continue reading HAIR LOSS- PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS (LOW SELF WORTH, BODY IMAGE PROBLEMS AND SUICIDAL THOUGHTS IN THOSE WITH HAIR LOSS)

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