Hair Transplant FAQ (Questions regarding hair transplant technique using FUE)

You tell me that 4500 hair can be taken in a lifetime from the back of the head, but I have read and seen results of surgeries of up to 11500 grafts, how is that possible then ? ( Answer: This can be done but never in a single stage from the scalp. In the second stage, you can get half the number more from the scalp, but after 6 months. This is using 0.75 mm punch. However, there is no limit for body hair. 11,500 is not grafts it is hairs (one graft equals 2.2 hairs on average. We never talk of hairs and we never charge per hair. Be cautious about this since terminology can be confusing.)

What if I need another surgery and I don’t want body or facial hair cause they are different in texture, but only regular hair from my donor area, what will be available to me if I previously did a 3500 FUE surgery ? (Ans: You can get half that number harvested after 6 months again. From the scalp.)

When you do use body hair for transplant, does it actually grow the same length as regular hair ? if you wanna grow it quite long for example. No it does not. (Ans: We use it when in the first stage the requirement crosses 4000-4500 grafts.) Continue reading Hair Transplant FAQ (Questions regarding hair transplant technique using FUE)

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