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Pattern hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia is increasingly becoming prevalent. Recently, in our clinic, we saw a 15-year-old boy studying in Grade 10 who was brought by his mother in much anguish for he was suffering from Grade 5 pattern. As baldness increases, so will the number of people seeking hair transplant. Hair transplant clinics have emerged all over the world in the past few years, chief of which are Turkey & India. India is the preferred destination for people wanting a customized hair transplant and individualized treatment by a qualified and skilled doctor.

Especially in youth, the presence of a good volume of hair is not only a reflection of youthfulness, health, and vitality but plays a great role in self-esteem and confidence. People with thinning hair and baldness are prone to lose their self-confidence and become increasingly conscious about their appearance. Young men and women with noticeable bald spots are found to look elder than they are, and sometimes less attractive too. Therefore, though a cosmetic procedure, hair transplant surgery is becoming a necessity for today’s generation.

In recent times, we are witnessing an increased number of patients from other countries coming to India for hair transplants. As medical tourism in India is gaining traction day by day in most areas of specialization, the hair transplant industry has started to contribute immensely to patient flow. While the inflow to the exchequer in Turkey crossed the USD 2 billion mark in the last financial, India is at USD 1 billion, is not far behind. Though India is the biggest destination for regular medical treatments since long, the hair transplant industry is increasing slowly due to increasing state restrictions on clinics that do not meet the basic standards.

At Darling Buds, one of the most reputable hair transplant clinics in India, around 34.7% of patients are from North America, 12.87% patients from the UK, 3.35% patients from Australia and New Zealand, 3.17% patients from Europe, and several others from Japan and South Africa.

One of the main reasons attributed to such a huge number of foreigners visiting India for hair transplantation is the results that they get from clinics where the doctors have a long experience in doing hair transplant and are skilled to do mega sessions; and this at an affordable price. Also, many foreigners who visited the top Indian hair transplant clinics feel that hospitality and customer service is one of the influencing factors for choosing India above other countries.

How Did India Become the Popular Destination for Hair Transplants?
The field hair transplantation is becoming a sought after destination for people with hair loss from all parts of the world seeking hair transplant in India due to the easy availability of skilled clinics run by doctors. Salient reasons why patients prefer India over other destinations are listed underneath:

• Affordable Cost
The cost of hair transplant in India is comparatively less than the other countries like USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and a lot more. On average, the cost of hair transplantation in India is about $ 1500 while, in the USA, hair transplantation can cost anywhere between $7500. (cost varies according to the number of grafts and complexity of the case. The figure quoted is an average).

Even after factoring in the costs for the travel, the accommodation and food along with the rate of the hair transplant surgery, the patients have to pay just a fraction of cost than what they need to pay in most other countries. Clinics like Darling Buds have inbuilt hotel stay & travel expenses and also prolonged stay for up to a month in the Villa in the Himalayas in their Premium Package. Combining a holiday in the Himalayas with a world-class hair transplant is a temptation that is irresistible for some.

• Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons
Information today is just a click away and patients do diligent research before choosing a surgeon. Patients state that the foremost reason for traveling to India for hair transplantation is the availability of high-quality treatment at budget-friendly rates in a safe and friendly country. Some of the hair transplant surgeons in India are among the top in the world and are also recognized by the prominent hair restoration boards like IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons), Americal Hair Loss Association, Hair Transplant Mentors Groups of Joe Tillman and Spex, etc. For instance, Dr. Bhatti has been recognized as amongst the Top 20 hair transplant doctors in the world, 5th year in a row- https://www.apetogentleman.com/worlds-best-hair-transplant-doctors/

• Well-Equipped Clinics
The top hair transplant clinics in India are equipped with the latest equipment in the field. They adhere to the highest levels of biomedical safety and sanitation standards that ensure successful and safe hair transplantation. Clinics like Darling Buds Clinic in India can be compared to any high-end Clinic in the Western World and this has been corroborated by numerous hair loss travelers over the past 12 years in various forums. To know more about our facility see- https://darlingbuds.com/our-clinic

• Aesthetic Results
Any hair transplant patient would want an aesthetic result that looks natural on them. It can only be achieved by qualified and experienced surgeons who have worked on people with different hair colours, hair textures, hair lengths, and other specific transplant needs. The top hair transplant surgeons in India adopt the utmost precision during the placement of grafts and employ proven techniques to encourage aesthetic results. They are experts at creating suitable hairlines and place the hair grafts in proper locations to ensure that it doesn’t look artificial. Several patient testimonials like this one and word of mouth publicity have been instrumental in placing us as the top destination for a hair transplant abroad- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNGoTRqEIwg&t=3s

Facilitating Your Visit to India’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinic – Darling Buds:
At Darling Buds, since we get a number of patients from different parts of the world we have set laid down Standard Operating Procedures to seamlessly assist in their travel and other logistics. A team is devoted to providing complete assistance from the day you decide on traveling to India for your hair transplant at our Clinic.

If you are planning to come to Darling Buds for your hair transplant surgery, here’s how we can help.
• We schedule a video call with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti before you leave the country. You can consult with him, talk about your needs and finalize a plan for your surgery.
• We coordinate with you and assist in obtaining a Visa.
• We will have a dedicated chauffeured a car for your pickup from Delhi/Chandigarh/Amritsar Airports to our facility in Chandigarh. A driver will also pick and drop you while in Chandigarh or when you travel to our Villa in Kasauli for recovery.
• We have a list of nearby hotels with which we have tied up and which give us good discounts. However many times these hotels are cheaper on booking sites and we encourage you to explore the cost before you book. The advantage of booking the hotel through us is the cost-benefit to you and that the hotel booking is without obligation. You will not be charged if you cancel the stay at the hotel. Many people would first like to check the hotel before deciding on their stay. There are many hotels nearby and our drivers will take you to the appropriate hotel suiting your budget.
• We will be just a single WhatsApp message or call away if you need our assistance during your visit.

As we have handled many requests of our patients from outside India, we can easily understand your necessities and attend to it, till our best capacity.

If you want to schedule a video consultation with Dr. Bhatti, just send out an email to drbhatti@darlingbuds.com . If you want to get an online consultation, send in your pictures and a detailed narration of objectives and health history to Dr. Bhatti.

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