Hair Transplant- Vanity or a Necessity

Until recently the impact of baldness was a little understood or recognized by the medical profession at large. Baldness was left unspecified and a disapproved weakness to be borne bravely without judgement. Thankfully, times have changed both in the understanding of baldness, its cause, impact and treatment. Medical technology has finally caught up, along with an increased and vital understanding of the importance of hair. I have had patients who have felt that their self esteem and self conscious have been affected adversely by their hair loss more so then ever in the prevailing tenacious commercial times. A premium is attached to young looks of which a head full of hair is definitely an important determinant of youthful age, dynamism in work and efficiency at the work place.
Male pattern baldness the main cause of hair loss affects an estimated quarter of men by the age of 30 and two thirds by the age of 60. Continue reading Hair Transplant- Vanity or a Necessity

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