The following basic information should be provided to your doctor at the time of consultation.

  1. What is your correct age?
  2. Are you a smoke, do you consume drugs, are you an alcoholic?
  3. Do you take medicines for acne? Isotretinoin interferes with results of hair transplant. You might not feel acne and hair transplantation are related, but the doctor knows better.
  4. Are you on blood thinners like aspirin, warfarin or clopidogrel. These medicines would cause increased bleeding during the procedure and may hamper with the result since blood in the operative field will interfere with visualization and prevent accurate harvest and plantation leading to possible poor growth.
  5. Do you suffer from diabetes- uncontrolled diabetes does cause poor growth. However, if blood sugar levels are controlled 15 days before and a months after the procedure, the hair growth shall be optimal.
  6. Do you suffer from conditions like- HIV positivity, hepatitis (B or C) or other communicable diseases. However your doctor and his staff should be observing universal precautions throughout the procedure.

Your doctor is legally bound to keep all information close to his chest and not divulge it to anyone except in due process of law. The doctor-patient relationship is unique and is built on trust. This trust should be maintained before, during and after the hair transplant.

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