I have been practising solely hair transplant surgery for over 15 years now and I know from experience that though a spotless, an immaculate surgical hair restoration procedure is in the hands of the surgeon, the outcomes are at times not! In this scenario, if you are looking for a hair transplant, and are unrealistic and believe that your doctor welds the magic wand the doctor wields, you have to know that it’s not so. 

An ethical surgeon today is walking a tightrope walk. Situation of baldness is pretty grim in most people and other factors that do not behove well are- 

Given that you are experience hair loss or have balding,

  1. Do you have erectile dysfunction?
  2. Do you have hypogonadism?
  3. Are you overweight?
  4. Are you obsessive and compulsive by nature?
  5. Are you 25 or younger?
  6. Are you prone to making spur of the moment hasty decisions or are your actions well thought of?
  7. Do you think that the doctor you chose will have full control over the result you will get?
  8. Do you think that PRP, topical Finasteride, Oral Minoxidil and various natural products DHT blockers are a replacement for Fiansteride after a hair transplant?
  9. Are you planning a family in the next one year?
  10. Do you have Finasteride phobia?

If the answer to any of these is YES, this video is made just for YOU!

If you value your hair and wish to take charge of your thinning and balding as the case may be, you need a plan. If this is what you seek, please continue watching this video.

For 50% of patients that I see on a daily basis, if they do not consider Finasteride as a part of their hair loss treatment medication regimen, with or without hair transplant, they are just fooling around with all the biased and false information available on the internet today. 

Every medication has sides or side effects. Finasteride does as well.

But what we need to weigh is the Cost:Benefit Ratio. Every good thing in life comes with a drawback and this is also true with this medication. No hair transplant surgeon would be prescribing Finasteride irrationally if he knew in his experience that the side effects of the drug were immense.

If you see hair loss sufferers today, the vast majority are between 25-30 age group, and constitute more than 75% in any practice. And this is a huge concern.

Prevalence of ED in the population according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, the prevalence of ED is 52% and more precisely, 40% at 40 and 70% at 70. Age, according to this study. Is a variable most strongly associated with ED.

There is a select group of patients in whom Finasteride is an absolute must. Without Finasteride in their Plan the whole scheme of things- surgical hair restoration included, is just an exercise in futility.

For others the Anagen Q+ technique has more relevance today than in the past 10 years I used it. With dwindling permanent scalp donors, with decreasing mean age of balding, coupled with increasing aspirations due to promises on social media, it has become a tight rope walk for the ethical hair transplant surgeon. In AQ+ technique we select only the good grafts that will withstand the transfer process, which will bide their time better in the first 6 months of growth without too much dependency on Finasteride. But then we are never sure how it will turn up.

If you value your hair and want to retain it come what may, you cannot ignore DHT blockers. Otherwise it is your choice.

Is Finasteride needed after a hair transplant?

Well, the answer is- and I will not shy away from telling you- that it is an absolute must in most cases today.

Till we get an alternative to Finasteride in the next 2-3 years, you just cannot escape taking Finasteride. And Finasteride is a relatively safe drug to take. Most people tolerate it well.

But if you shy away from it and fit in the categories mentioned and especially if you are young, there is no purpose in getting a hair transplant without this medication.

Thank you for watching and for your encouragement.

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