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Dr Bhatti has been invited by the Italian Society of Hair Restoration to deliver a guest lecture on his new hair transplantation techniques


Sportsmen who aspire to peak performance in competition are also often men who want to present the best possible personal image in public. In the equally competitive marketplace of media appearances and product endorsements by athletes, an image of youthful vigor is most likely to attract sponsors.

Many male athletes are now finding that they cannot qualify for competition in professional or Olympic sports if they also use a highly successful medical treatment for hair loss. The ability to compete and the prevention of progressive balding are incompatible.

The widely disseminated and subscribed World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) bans the use of the hair-loss treatment finasteride (Propecia®) by competing athletes. The WADA Code is accepted and followed by many professional leagues and teams in a variety of sports, as well as by the International Olympic Committee. A number of professional athletes have been banned from playing in their sports when finasteride was detected in urine samples they provided for “anti-doping” tests. Continue reading Look your best or perform your best

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