Loss of Inheritance

Hair loss evinces varied reactions from men and women alike. Since olden days magical hair loss cures, have been sold to gullible people like horse uri

When we talk of hair loss it is the genetic cause that is mostly implied. However there may be hair loss due to immunological disorders, skin disease or while on anticancer drugs.

It is increasingly becoming evident that hair loss as we see it today is evolutionary. This explains the early onset of hair loss in young males and females. Though genetic cause is the supreme underlying environmental factors like stress, lack of sleep, fast food diet and use of improper hair care products are responsible for early onset. Like man lost his tail rendering tail transplant surgeons obsolete, hair transplant surgeons may become extinct when more people become bald and possession of a thick mane of hair is not longer at a premium.

Already bald people, like their idols Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel and are beginning to wear the shaven look. As per University of Pennsylvania Wharton School men with shaven heads are seen as more masculine, dominating and with leadership potential. This may explain the popularity of the “Power Buzz” amongst business leaders today.

Older silver back gorillas are the ones in charge in their pack and are considered powerful and more aggressive as compared to those gorillas without signs of aging. The body speaks a language in subtle ways across all animal species. This is the reason a shaven head in the human workplace looks daunting and competitive and is a sign of dominance.

If they are to be believed, the mane does not define a Man since some of the best looking men are comfortable with their personality, their body and their baldness. I would go on to add that if you shave off when your hair has begins to haunt, the focus shifts to your other attributes- your eyes (the windows to your soul), your smile and your fabulous body- provided you possess them. In these cases just a head shave is the best way forward if you do not live in India where due to social reasons it may be an anathema.

If the above does not hold true for your situation, and you have thinning and not yet baldness, you can bank upon a few modalities-

  • Medication- Propecia, Rogaine, Biotin, Saw Palmetto
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

However if the condition has progressed to baldness, hair transplant is the only answer. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair from the same person is skillfully redistributed using 2 different techniques- FUT or FUE.

Of late, minimally invasive FUE techniques are in vogue and have mostly superseded the former technique in more than 90% hair transplant clinics the world over. The technique is laborious and intense and needs a team of 5-6 staff to accomplish with the plastic surgeon as the team leader.

Following the success of pioneering clinics all over the world including India, FUE clinics have become extremely commonplace. It is estimated that in India alone, there are over 5000 FUE clinics operational. FUE clinics have a pecking order too like most health care delivery systems-

  • The doctor-centric doctor-administered Clinic (Hair transplant Clinic)
  • The technician- centric doctor-administered Clinic (Hair transplant center)
  • The technician centric-entrepreneur administered clinic (Hair transplant studio)
  • The technician-centric technician-administered Clinic (Hair transplant shop)

The potential hair transplant candidate should do adequate research to determine the involvement of the doctor since the first hair transplant if improperly done can ruin his future chances of a successful hair transplant since the available donor gets depleted every time a procedure is done.

A properly done hair transplant is costly. This is since the clinic cannot do many cases if a hair transplant clinic does a limited number of cases giving due care and time to each patient rather than a factory line as in hair transplant shops and studios. However clinics do give handsome discounts upto 50% during lean periods. People from the middle income group should avail these discounts by planning ahead.

A majority of balding people disregard motherly advice rather cynically when they are told that what counts is what they have within them – the qualities o character, intelligence and hard work and not what people see. However, most feel that the reality is that the work place, the peer group and relations in general can be harsh and unforgiving if balding belies a person’s age.

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