Low hairlines inappropriate?

The pitfalls of reconstructing the hairline of youth may be explained to the patient-

  1. Since the hair loss in male pattern baldness will be progressive, the lower ou start with a hairline, the more number of grafts you may have irretrievably committed.
  2. Low hairlines look puerile and as age progresses it shall look odd and he is likely to receive many a strange look while strolling in the mall or even his workplace.
  3. Low hairlines cannot be revised without visible scarring
  4. The hair loss pattern of the young patient might not have fully evolved and a wrongly placed hairline might just spoil the whole facial esthetic pattern.
  5. The surgeon not being a mechanic needs to be goaded by the Oath he/ she took in medical college- "Primum non nocere" FIRST DO NO HARM.
  6. Most patients do not realize the whole picture of hairlines down the years. A patient given the wrong hairline is most likely going to come back in later years to curse you for not giving him the right advice. And what if he lands up at the doors of your competition!
  7. A hairline is like a surgeon’s indelible signature which cannot be erased as long as the patient walks the Earth.

Baldness comes with progressing age and receding hairline is a common issue for men. Usually men tend to think that they will age elegantly with full head of hair but receding hairlines continue to exist more commonly in men as compared to women and it is associated with early sign of male pattern baldness affecting about 30-40 percent of men. It tends to follow a certain pattern, the first stage is a receding hairline followed by thinning of hair on temples and crown and as these both areas meet in the middle they leave a horseshoe shaped hair around the sides and back of the head and then ultimately men progress towards complete baldness. Continue reading Low hairlines inappropriate?

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