My FUE Hair Transplant Story with Darling Buds Chandigarh, India

My name is Roger Kauffman. I’m 28 years old, happily married with two wonderful kids. I’ve strongly believed that in the world that we live in, the physical appearance of a person is very important. Our looks make the first crucial impression about us and sometimes, it is all about that very first impression. It’s not just about creating an impression but also about a feeling of contentedness, because if you look good a unique confidence radiates out through your personality. Therefore, when you feel good about yourself the world somehow appears to be a better place altogether.
The aforementioned arguments are actually related to my own personal experience. I have a family history of hair loss. Both my father and grandfather had suffered complete hair loss, very early in their lives. I had suffered a similar fate during my final year at college. At a point in your life when looking good is one of the prime concerns, I was a regular subject for humor among my college mates. I was extremely frustrated and disheartened and out of sheer helplessness, I started trying out various hair regeneration products. But to my disappointment, nothing showed me convincing results. Continue reading My FUE Hair Transplant Story with Darling Buds Chandigarh, India

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