No Shave Hair Transplant – What are its drawbacks?

We have been doing No Shave’ hair transplants for over 12 years now-

There are a lot of misconceptions and wrong information available on the internet for the expediency of commercial interests.

No shave‘ technique is offered by most FUE clinics and there is no specific skill set that is recruited in order to accomplish it. Before going in for this method, it is essential for the client to understand what this means and go for it only if absolutely necessary.

No shave method can be of 2 kinds-
1. Donor specific
2. Recipient specific

Donor specific ‘No Shave’ Hair Transplant
A normal shaven FUE looks like this-

Mostly, if planned properly, FUE with the shaven technique does not affect the scalp donor much and very short hairstyles can be opted for. The philosophy of FUE hair transplant is to spread the area of the harvest to make the donor area look normal so modern trending hairstyles are possible. If we limit this area, it goes against the tenets of a well-performed FUE procedure.

Hence, the ‘No Shave’ technique at Darling Buds is sparingly and judiciously offered to a selected category of our clients only.

Cases in which not much grafts are needed are eminently suited for this technique and is most preferred for celebrities and clients whose appearance in their workplace cannot be tinkered with. These people usually do not have much left.

When up to 2000 scalp grafts will suffice in normal donor density clients, ‘No Shave’ FUE when asked for, can be offered. But only after explaining to the client the drawback inherent.

(a) More than 1500-2000 scalp grafts only can be harvested. If a clinic offers you more than this number, they are likely impinging upon the non-permanent scalp donor zone, and this is not in your best interest.

(b) Since the basis of a successful FUE is to scatter the harvested grafts from a wide area, limiting this area is skin to the philosophy of FUT and can lead to scarring far worse than strip surgery in some clients predisposed to this.


Use of a ‘No Shave’ technique is required in patients who have an earlier FUT scar and they wish no downtime since this is a huge embarrassment to them.

Recipient specific ‘No Shave’ Hair Transplant
While lowering the hairline which involves an area that does not have hair this is a good method to reduce downtime.

However, if offered for filling into areas that have existing hairs, the following need to be noted-

1. High-density plantation is usually not possible since when hair is long, it does not allow us to guess the direction of the root and we may end up injuring the adjacent native roots. Hair that is 1 mm long only allows us to ascertain the direction of the hair root.

2. During the aftercare period, this can get messy and many patients may lose grafts due to matting of surrounding hair

3. Shock loss of surrounding native thinning hair is real in this scenario.

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