Temporary techniques of hair restoration

Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding, Hair Fusion & Hair Extensions

These are temporary non surgical methods of using a wig or a hair piece to cover an area of hair loss or hair thinning. Useful for a social event, wedding, party, stage show, meeting old friends or making a short appearance. Unfortunately these are marketed as methods of permanent use which leads to the problems.
Hair transplant surgeons are upset on being asked if they do hair waving. Weaving is done in a parlor by your hair stylist, it does not require a doctor or a hospital set up.

Hair Weaving

The name has an implied meaning which makes the hair loss patients imagine that something closely woven and dense, natural looking, shall be replaced to relieve them of their baldness. Since patients are afraid that a wig will come off in public. A small wig of the size of the area of hair loss is prepared and is knotted to the surrounding hair with black silk thread running around the border. This method of fixing is called as hair weaving.

Beware of a weave pull out! The hair surrounding the area of baldness or thinning where the knots are tied for fixing the hair piece, tend to get pulled off in a few months, leading to traction alopecia and permanent loss of hair from the borders thus making the hair less patch larger and wider than before. Now a bigger wig or hair piece needs to be made and fixed. Under the hair weaving, scalp secretions, sebum, sweat, bath water, soap shampoo, tend to keep collecting unless you regularly visit the expert and remove it for cleaning. Removing and re fixing is charged and takes around 3 hours. There are recurring expenses and maintenance. Also, all remaining natural hair under the weave is lost in the next few months.

Hair Bonding

The name makes hair loss patients to imagine that some additional hair shall be bonded strand by strand to their remaining hair. However this is an alternative method of fixing a wig into the surrounding hair by using clips instead of silk thread knots. The clips can be undone for cleaning, bathing and refixed by the user. A double sided tape is used on the front border while clips are placed on the sides and back. Areas where the clips hold on to the hair cause traction alopecia and patches of hair loss. The wig makers try to keep rotating the placement of the clips to avoid permanent hairless patches. Any natural hair remaining under the area covered with the hair patch is lost.

Hair Fusion

Herein the scalp is shaved of any remaining hair and a hair piece is glued to the skin. It can only be removed by using a special remover solution for the water proof adhesive. Causes itching, eczema, allergic skin reaction and deteriorates the underlying skin as well as hair.

Hair Extensions

These are smaller hair pieces or locks of hair attached to clips, hair bands, used or tied in a knot along with natural hair to make it look fuller or longer as it is being set or styled. The extensions can be removed when you undo the hair style.

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