The GREEN THUMB phenomenon- how do some hair transplant clinics consistently produce great results?

The phrase "green thumb" alludes to a gardener who is blessed with the gift of turning whatever plot of land he touches green.
How is it that some gardeners produce greenery and color wherever they go and others make plants wilt?
Does the same phenomenon hold true for hair transplant as well?
Yes it does and here are the reasons why a good gardener produces consistently satisfactory results-

  1. A sound understanding of the soil ( a sound understanding of various forms of alopecia)
  2. What seed to plant in what soil? (Strategizing in hair transplant- Would body hair be better in a particular location or scalp hair)
  3. A knowledge of additions to soil to make it more fertile (would supportive medical treatment help and to what extent without side effects)
  4. When to plant and when not to ( a sound knowledge of the science of hair loss)
  5. Tender caring touch (a gentle technique while harvesting and during plantation)
  6. Availability throughout the season to nurture the growing plant ( a hair transplant surgeon should be accessible to his client for all times and be supportive during the period when hair falls before it regrows at 4 months after the procedure)

Choose your gardener with due diligence.

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