The World’s Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons: 2020 Edition

Best 25 Best hair transplant surgeons in the world list. Spex’ list of the world’s Top 25 hair transplant doctors in the world can be accessed at-
The doctors practising hair transplant have a long experience in this field and have proven that their skills and techniaques has withstood the test of time. They are-
Dr Scott Alexander, Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
Dr Ken Anderson, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
Dr Edward Ball, Hampshire (UK)
Dr Alan Bauman, Boca Raton, Florida (USA)
Dr Tejinder Bhatti, Chandigarh (India)
Dr Christian Bisanga, Brussells
Dr Scott Boden, Wethersfield, Connecticut (USA)
Dr John Cole, Atlanta, Georgia And Miami, Florida (USA)
Dr Jerry Cooley, Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)
Dr Robert Dorin, New York City, New York (USA)
Dr Koray Erdogan, Istanbul (Turkey)
Dr Bijan Feriduni, Hasselt (Belgium)
Harley Street Hair Clinic, Associate IAHRS Member, London (UK)
Dr William Lindsey,(USA)
McLean, Virginia (USA)
Dr Emorane Lupanzula, Brussels (Belgium)
Dr Patrick Mwamba, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Dr Sever Muresanu, Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
Dr Alba Reyes, Dominican Republic
Dr Ron Shapiro, IAHRS Member
Bloomington, Minnesota (USA)
Dr Geza Sikos, Budapest (Hungary)
Dr Robert True, New York City, New York (USA)
Dr Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul, Bangkok (Thailand)
Dr Jerry Wong, Vancouver (Canada)
Dr Amir Yazdan, Newport Beach, California (USA)
Dr Tsvetalin Zarev, Bulgaria

All those who have featured on this list are those that are accepted members of the IAHRS (International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons), headed by Spencer Kobren and ably assisted by Joe Tillman and Spencer Stevenson (Spex) who have leant their stamp to the list making it the most relevant and trustworthy list of the best hair transplant surgeons in the World.

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