Traction alopecia in Sikh males results from the strain on hair caused by wearing a tight top knot. It results from the physical damage to the hair shaft due to the stress on the scalp due to the hair styles that tightly pull the hair like tight knots, ponytail, pigtail or braids. This pulling causes high tension leading to uprooting of hair roots resulting in scar tissue.

Sikhs are prone to traction alopecia as they tie up their hair in a tight bun wrapped in a turban tightly around the head which exerts excessive pressure on hair shafts and roots restricting the flow of blood to scalp leading to gradual weakening of roots and thinning of hair. Traction alopecia is more commonly found in frontal and temporal regions. Frontal hairline is devoid of hair as the hair roots have been permanently damaged due to constant pull on them since early childhood.
Traction alopecia can also emerge in the submandibular areas as beard hairs are straightened with brush made into a plait, twisted and kept under the chin in the form of a knot for whole day. Regular use of this procedure leads to traction alopecia. Continue reading TIPS TO PREVENT TRACTION ALOPECIA IN SIKHS- SIKH PATTERN TRACTION ALOPECIA

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