Trichophytic Closure for Indian Skin- Innovation by Dr Tejinder Bhatti

Z-plasty (w-plasty) is an accepted technique for better scars commonly used by plastic surgeons in their daily practice. This has been now routinely assimilated in our practice for producing better strip surgery scars in Indian patients due to their peculiar skin characteristics.

The conventional “ledge” trichophytic closure entails excision of the epidermal overhang of one edge of the donor incision. This is done keeping the bulge area of the follicular unit intact. The hairs so transected grow through the final scar, camouflaging the stigmata of strip surgery.

Linear scars carry the risk of higher visibility especially in pigmented skins. Traditional “ledge” trichophytic closure has addressed this problem to a great extent in non- pigmented skin types. However, traditional trichophytic closure has not been successful in India patients in our practice. Therefore the need to seeking solutions within the ambit of accepted plastic surgical techniques.

The advantages of this new technique of trichophytic closure are manifold-

  1. Closure along relaxed skin tension lines leads to a better scar.
  2. Z-plasty distributes the tension of the wound preventing scar creep (stretch).

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