What is the best season for hair transplant?

Many times we have a query whether a particular season is good for a hair transplant or not?

There is no season that can be recommended as the best season for hair transplant since hair growth is not affected whether the procedure was done in the peak of winter or in the extreme summer. This is since the hair follicles are relocated under the skin and the boy regulates its own temperature whatever the outside temperature may be.

As far as comfort goes, the early Indian winter season (November 15- December 15) is the best for a hair transplant. It is comfortable for the patient since it is still not so cold that the head needs to be covered with a woolen cap and outdoor temperatures in the day are salubrious.

This cannot be said of the period May-June when the Indian temperatures soar up to 45 degrees during the peak of the day. If during this period a hair transplant is done, the patient should not be traveling much to see relatives or to visit places for a week after a hair transplant since he will be very uncomfortable wearing a cap to cover the planted area and excessive sweating will be discomfiting.

If the patient is staying cool inside an air-conditioned apartment even at temperatures up to 50 degrees and well heated during the winters, there is no problem when a hair transplant is done.

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