Which clinic should I choose for hair transplant in India? How do I know yours is the best hair transplant center? (posted by Greg Maine)

Hi Greg,
You should do your own research and choose the clinic you are most comfortable with.
However, we have a center that does great modern day transplants using FUE technique.
Consider these points and decide-

  1. India’s premiere hair transplant center doing exclusive FUE work.
  2. Dr Bhatti is the only Plastic Surgeon in India with an exclusive FUE Hair Transplant practice.
  3. We use our patented State-of-the-Art "Blend TM" Technology which blends you grafts naturally with minimal trauma to existing roots causing zero shock loss to existing hair. Shock loss can be upto 30% to existing hairs in the commonly done procedure.
  4. We use our own Innovative equipments and also the Safe Scribe System of James Harris.
  5. A modern Hair Laboratory cares for your darling buds after they are out and before they are placed back in. We use PRP for preservation of the grafts.
  6.  Patented Painless Procedure
  7. Ultimate saloon comfort
  8. "Cost of hair transplant in India" – Cheapest for the quality given
  9. No scars, No stitches, Early recovery, No regret with FUE technique
  10. We have trained most Indian hair transplant doctors in FUE technique
  11. Hair Lines look full and natural due to dense packing
  12. Dr Tejinder Bhatti is highly regarded in the field of FUE- he has been elected the Founding Secretary of the International FUE Society
  13. Each hair is planted with no touch technique controlling the direction and orientation of new growing hair.
  14. Roots containing 1, 2 and 3 hair are arranged artistically which only a plastic surgeon with years of practice can do.
  15. Roots strategically placed for natural results
  16. We also are experts in eye brow, moustache and beard with great results.
  17. We attend all Hair transplant related International Meetings the world over.
  18. 18.We have made hair transplantation better through constant research and innovations that have corrected the pitfalls of prior art and current practice.
  19. Our "Blend TM" is the generic name for the "Root-by-Root" technique
  20. “Blend TM" was invented to cause minimal damage to your precious darling buds.
  21. Preservation of Stem Cells done with due care while handling with no touch technique.
  22. Digital technology with 25times magnification is used while handling your darling buds. Only 0.5% hair transplant doctors in India practice this advanced level of hair transplant. Studies have suggested there may be upto 30% damage to your darling buds when high magnification is not used. Our FUE transection rates are- Indians- 0.7%, Caucasians- 1.7% and Africans- 7% . You can say that they are the lowest in the world.
  23. The best equipment only is used for the procedure. Punches are never reused. This does add to the cost but we have never compromised on quality.
  24. Our philosophy remains that hair transplantation is not one single operation. It is a process where many operators perform many their distinct functions meticulously with high end technology to produce best results. Only a large team of 16 members can cover a large bald area with hundreds of roots in a short time for best results Simulated training on models for 100 days is a must for any new member in the team to adhere to our stringent quality control.

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