Why Hair Transplant Surgery at Darling Buds Is the Best in India

“Right attitude with simplified procedures. Well qualified doctor in terms of knowledge and experience. What more can one ask for? Perhaps the best clinic for hair transplant in qualitative terms.”- Rod Wilson

This was one of the recent reviews of a patient who got the hair transplant surgery done at Darling Buds. Darling Buds, founded and run by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is one of the leading hair transplant clinics in not only India but worldwide too. Darling Buds was declared as one among the 25 fastest growing medical tech companies in India in 2017 by the prestigious ‘The CEO Magazine’.

Darling Buds has become the most sought after clinics in India for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant with its state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff and excellent customer care. It is also India’s largest individually-owned, non-franchise hair transplant clinic.

We have been listed in the World’s TOP 20 Hair Transplant Surgeon List for the 5th year in a row.

Darling Buds has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates due to our intense protocols, high safety standards and commitment & dedication of Dr. Bhatti and his staff. A good majority of the patients who come here are due to word of mouth marketing since we consider every patient as an ambassador to the world. Hence our commitment to you is unshaken and we will always stand by you in your hair restoration journey even after many years of your having visited us.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti – The Man Behind the Magic
This clinic was painstakingly built by the untiring efforts of Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. Dr. Bhatti completed his post-doctorate in Plastic Surgery and has been specializing in hair transplantation surgery since the year 1996. He is one of the world-renowned hair transplant surgeons who has performed surgeries for many celebrities like Yograj Singh, Harry Sandhu, Rahul Mahajan, Mahesh Thakur, Rajiv Thakur, Mangal Dhillon and a lot more. (see the celebrity section on our youtube channel to know more).

Dr. Bhatti was featured among the World’s Top 20 Hair Transplant Surgeons due to his meticulous and customized hair transplant surgeries. He is also a member of various prestigious organizations like the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), American Hair Loss Association, World FUE Society, FUE Europe, and several other recognized organizations across the world.

Dr. Bhatti is the founding secretary of the Indian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons and the first to represent India in the Global Council of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. He is no longer a member of both Societies due to his strong views about FUE hair transplant vis-a-vis FUT procedures; and since he holds his ‘Patient before Politics’. Most 100% FUE surgeons of repute are no longer members of the ISHRS.

Dr. Bhatti was able to achieve high rates of success in hair transplant surgeries due to his individualistic approach to every patient. He attends his patients, hears their concerns and performs the hair transplant in such a manner that the new hair looks completely natural and that the rational objectives of the patient are met.

Due to his consistent results, he is one of the most in-demand hair transplant surgeons in India. Many consider him to be the Best FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon not only in India but the world over.

Simple, Personalized Plan with Quick Results
At Darling Buds, we understand that opting for hair transplant surgery is a big decision on your side. That is why we provide all the time and information you need to get ready for the surgery.

Since every individual is different, he has his own objectives and desires. Hence, the same process of hair transplantation doesn’t fit all. We adopt a personalized approach that considers your overall facial structure and your health. We decide on the density of the hair transplant in consultation with you, talk to you about your expectations and finalize the plan after resetting your expectations and objectives if needed.

Different people have different hair colour, hair texture, hair density and areas of hair loss. Based on all of these factors and much more, we devise a personalized plan for hair transplantation with your consent after you have all the information you need.

Some times if the baldness levels are of high grade and donor supply is not in consonance, a second procedure may be advised to fill the whole head. This second procedure cannot be done before 6 months of good healing have happened. This is the optimal way in extensive baldness where donor source is in short supply.

Natural-Looking Hair Like Before
A proper appreciation of your Hair colour, texture and density is vital to achieving natural-looking hair. hair color and skin contrast dictate the use of singles and doubles placement along the hairline. The whole illusion created is an illusion of light and shadows and this can be determined best by an un person consultation before your procedure.

Many times in patients with coarse donor hair, hairline softening is required to be selective picking of soft hair. Chest grafts are often used for this purpose too if they are not too curly. Nape of the next hair being temporary (not in the permanent zone) are no longer used since we have a long follow up of 10 years with these cases where the nape of neck fell off within the first decade of hair transplant.

We are one of the leading Body Hair Transplant (BHT) clinics in the world that perform mega sessions using this technique almost on a daily basis.

The ‘Anagen Q+Technique’ for Amazing Results
We have trademarked the technique, Anagen Q+ of which one of the essential components is our another trademarked Golden Harvest in which we use a high range of magnification right from the start of the hair transplantation process of harvesting to locate and transfer anagen hair which are in ‘full bloom’ to give results that re consistent, permanent and natural. Our graft counts recommended are always much lesser than the competition since we-
(a) Do not transgress the permanent donor zone of the scalp
(b) Pick only anagen grafts

Due to our persistence in using the Golden Harvest method and the Anagen Q+ technique, we have one of the least transection rates and graft wastage in the world. Transection is the unintentional damage to the hairs during the harvesting process. Some surgeons, due to less time per case or improper equipment, may waste a lot of valuable grafts or in some worst cases, unknowingly transplant even the unusable hair grafts. With our high power magnification used in the hair transplant, we avoid these unnecessary wastages and transplant intact anagen grafts only.

Highly-Skilled Staff and Clean, Hygienic, Safe Environment
We have a handpicked team of skilled assistants to Dr. Bhatti and highly-trained clinical staff who prioritize the patient before anything else. Most of the staff have been with us for many years and have proven their team spirit and dedication time and again.

A safe surgical environment under surveillance by infection control professionals and critical care experts is necessary to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Dr. Bhatti has a fixation for cleanliness and sterility of the clinic & equipment and this ensures a hygienic sterile environment essential for patient safety.

If you are suffering from acute hair loss or male/female pattern baldness, you may wish to visit our Darling Buds Clinic in Chandigarh, discuss your hair loss with Dr. Bhatti and if after the information you have and after having done your research you choose us for your surgery, CALL call us at 9814531111

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