“An apple eaten raw does not taste the same as when it is ripe!”- Dr Tejinder Bhatti

A balding head is perceived to be an indicator of ageing. Our eyes are trained to evaluate age using a few parameters which are inborn. One of these is thinning in the frontal tuft forelock area and receding temples. This can happen at a very early age- as young as 18 years of age, considerably devastating a young mind. The psychosocial repercussions can be immense. The afflicted individual can clam up going into a shell and become introverted and remorseful. This can lead to body dysmorphic disorder and if psychiatric help is not at hand, personality development at that tender age can get tardy.
The first step of consultation is to seek a surgeon who is reputed and is a member of a respected peer group like the International FUE Society or the ISHRS. This would be the first successful step. Next discuss your objectives and desires with the doctor in person or on video conferencing. Choosing an ethical doctor when you are psychologically devastated is of utmost importance. Only a responsible surgeon would counsel this age group with due care, diligence and compassion. Seeking the help of a surgeon short of cases who is trying to mop up all that comes his way may be a disaster that you shall regret for a lifetime. Continue reading WHY IS HAIR TRANSPLANT NOT DONE IN THE VERY YOUNG?

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