Dr. Tejinder Bhatti & Dr. Akanxa Bhatti have recorded their entire hair transplant knowledge and philosophy in several Videos which are interesting pieces of valuable information for those seeking a hair transplant. Do not miss out.

10 Lessons

10 GUIDING PRINCIPLES BEFORE A HAIR TRANSPLANT IN INDIA In this video I present a hair transplant result, bringing out the lessons we can learn

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Preventive Finastreide

 STARTING FINASTERIDE BEFORE HAIR LOSS SETS IN- GOOD THING OR BAD? (Proactive Prevention) 60% men develop male pattern baldness by the time they are

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Traction Alopecia

 When anyone mentions the term “Traction Alopecia”, it is to refer to an entity of hair loss that only occurs in women and mostly

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Minoxidil side effect- hair Color!

 Evidence that “natural re-pigmentation” of gray hair can happen has been postulated by scientists of Columbia University. As anecdotal evidence gathers, the initial theory

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