Dr Bhatti’s Survivors’ Guide to Finasteride

Think of the many hair loss sufferers who were never advised Finasteride

Think of those who lost precious time falling for hardsell of costly medications when they should have taken Oral Finasteride
Think for a moment about the person who went ahead with a hair transplant in the mistaken belief that a hair transplant is permanent. Let’s face it- a hair loss treatment protocol and a post hair transplant regimen that cannot rein in the progression of baldness will without fail fall flat on its face, if not now, certainly in a few years.

A lie when repeated a 100 times has the power of Truth
Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister with independant charge once said “repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it.”  This is the first Law of propaganda.  This is used in marketing very often to create the Illusion of Truth around a product.
It always works because people are gullible and open to half truths and suggestions that work for them.
And in the case of hair loss such illusions are readily believed since they pander to the deep fears of taking medications that they fear will cause side effects they are most fearful of.
This, my friends,  is the dark underbelly of modern day hair loss and hair transplant practice.
Gullible patients are blissfully kept unaware  and milked to the last penny till baldness is too far set in to respond to Finasteride. Well then ofcourse there is hair transplant they are told.
And though most people are not fit candidates for a hair transplant but the cycle of illusion of truth must go on.

In a previous Video I mentioned that Finasteride has side effects and the sexual side effects are most worrisome to clients since they fall in the young 25-35 years age group.
The side effects may be infrequent but in the person it happens, it is 100% for him.

So it is pragmatic that we take the drug but at the same time minimise the sides through the 5 strategies I had earlier enumerated and which I will go through.

1. Case selection should be proper. l
proper blood work to rule out hypogonadism and metabolic disorders should be brought out. Psychological assessment needs to be properly done.

2. Customised dosing. Start low and build up to the minimal dose that gives maximal benefits without side effects

3. Switch off- switch on every 3 months to eliminate build up of the drug to avoid late onset side effects

4. Take the medication late at night so it achieves peak blood concentration that coincides with the daily early circadian surge of testosterone

5. And lastly, a weekend boost of higher dosage on weekends or weekend single does of Dutasteride.

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