Traction Alopecia

When anyone mentions the term “Traction Alopecia”, it is to refer to an entity of hair loss that only occurs in women and mostly those from the African racial group. It is due to their very tight hair adornment hair styles that hair gets pulled out permanently leading to a typical bald patch that effaces the hairline.
You will rarely if ever find a man who suffers from this malady.
Unless ofcourse you are a Sikh!
A mere search for “Sikh pattern traction alopecia” will return videos of several men and never a woman.
But only till today when this video broke the jinx.
I publish herewith the first treated case of Sikh pattern alopecia in a female ever posted on the World Wide Web.
If you wish to know what traction alopecia is, I have the most videos on YouTube nd that is not because I am a good hair transplant surgeon but solely due to the fact that I am geographically advantaged being located in the Sikh heartland of India’s Punjab.
So this young lady underwent and Anagen Q+ procedure with me about 6 months back and received around 2200 scalp grafts using the unshaven technique for filling in her broken hairline.
Today she is happy to have a natural looking, heart shaped soft hairline that esthetically frames her face.
Now watch the Video.

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