Can I skip Finasteride?

Everyone who has progressive baldness and goes in for a hair transplant, should consider oral Finastreide. Precious time lost mulling over whether to take the medication or not will cause irretrievable damage to your hair regrowth and futuregoals and objectives as I have discussed in several earlier videos ad nauseum.

In this video I will briefly summarise the situations in which Oral Finasteride is not used or you have an option to go ahead for  hair transplant without Finasteride.

There are 10 such instances and we shall discuss this shortly. Hang on!

  1. The role of DHT was first noted in the 60s when an observation was made in males in a large community in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. This group was deficient in 5α-reductase-2. These males never developed an enlarged prostate or male pattern baldness.  This discovery ultimately revealed that DHT is the specific Androgen responsible for prostate enlargement and hair loss.
  2. 5 alpha reductase deficiency. 5-Alpha-reductase type 2 deficiency (5-ARD) is an autosomal recessive sex-limited condition resulting in the inability to convert testosterone to the more physiologically active dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When progression is slow or when your gene has switched off. This is explained in my video with the same title and the link is in the description.
  3. Traction alopecia is Sikhs and in those racial groups that tie their braids tightly will not benefit by Finasteride.
  4. Finasteride is not indicated in premenopausal women.
  5. When it is just a trait like a temple point recession or a wide forehead without androgenetic alopecia, Finasteride will not help and should not be taken.
  6. For facial hair transplant using body hair. The DHT paradox though on one hand causes hair fall in the scalp but on the other is responsible for facial hair growth. So when beard grafts from the shadow area are used for beard enhancement or for moustache restoration, Finasteride is not required.
  7. When only body hair are used on the head for example in low density hair transplant as an adjunct to scalp micro-pigmentation.
  8. When you are  above 35 and have low grade of baldness say ¾ and the doctor tells you that you have a good donor with none or minimal miniaturisation.
  9. When you are over 60. In fact when you are over 60 there is also half a chance you are on Finasteride for your prostate and this issue of side effects of Finasteride will therefore not concern you any longer. 
  10. When contraindicated in your specific case after detailed psychosocial, hormonal and other assessment.

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