What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander!

But sadly when a man chooses to wear a wig, this idiom is so false!

In this video I will just focus on a hair system vs. a hair transplant.

Some men wear makeup, others may tan themselves, work out, some sport ball caps, wear clothing that is different from the norm and so forth. Humans though may not be narcissists, but surely they are a vain lot. Also, they like to feel good about themselves.

But when someone wears a hair piece, or a toupee, he is flooded with a bucketful of uninvited negative comments. 6 out of 10 people will, within a week, discard their hair system within no time due to this bias against hair wigs. And mostly this reflects not the hair loss sufferers choice but the insecurities & hangups of his peers, relatives and friends who pass judgement upon him about his choice.

So let us explore this psychology of a patient who initially got a great density with a hair piece but later thought it best to switch to a hair transplant.

In this video, well known TV and film artist Nasirr Khan who received his hair transplant with us and you can see his hair transplant journey in this video, narrates why he made the choice to goin for a hair system and later why he wished a hair transplant. He narrates his journey from baldness to hair system, to hair transplant and after.

Before that, let us discuss why people opt for a hair system over a hair transplant even today when hair transplants are so natural, safe and undetectable.

If you are dealing with hair loss and it affects you you just have 5 choices-

  1. Leave it the way it is if hair loss does not affect your self image and confidence.
  2. Get a doctor to treat you with medications
  3. Get yourself a hair transplant
  4. Or an instant fix in a hair system, a hair piece or a wig
  5. There are other options like SMP but that is another realm.

Losing your hair at a tender age of say 20 can be tough and nerve racking. It is a confidence killer. You were so happy with your full head of hair and almost overnight your hairline is receding, hair volume is decreasing and your crown has begun to show. At an age when you should be sorting your life out and starting to build your career, this problem takes away all your waking hours. You just cannot concentrate on your studies or your work because hair loss has hit you hard. You find yourself wearing a hair all the time or wearing a cow lick that you’re so conscious of that it is affecting your social behaviour and peer interaction.

Everyone reaches a point where they’ve had enough. 

With so many success stories about hair transplant, most today will opt for a hair transplant. The ISHRS says over 650,000 people the world over get a hair transplant each year.

But what if you are turned away by the doctor citing some reason that you are ineligible- either you are too young, or the donor is less or your baldness is not stable yet. There can be so many other reasons as well for your not presently being a candidate for receiving a hair transplant.

People opt for a hair system for one of the following 10 reasons:

  1. They want a quick fix. The results are instant.
  2. They do not have the time – the downtime  of one year for a hair transplant result. Celebrities hence very commonly sport hair systems
  3. They are not fit for a hair transplant either due to age or extensive baldness with lack of donor supply
  4. Hair transplants are costly. At reputable doctor run clinics a hair transplant may cost upwards of USD 5000. A good hair piece on the other hand can cost a mere 500 dollars. You may argue that eventually you will need to keep replacing hair pieces but the real truth why it seems affordable is that the cost is not upfront like a hair transplant. And even one hair transplants is not all for most men in a lifetime.
  5. A hair piece achieves much much better coverage than a hair transplant
  6. If you have diabetes, heart disease that precludes a surgical procedure, hair piece is a good option.
  7. You can experiment with different hair texture and hair styles only with a hair system
  8. A high volume Quiff is possible only with a hair system. (Pic)
  9. You do not need to be on DHT blockers
  10. Lastly, you may not want to burn your bridges and are not sure if you would not want to return back to your natural bald look.

So with so many benefits and availability of sophisticated hair systems that simulate the natural look and give a seamless effect one would think that hair transplants should be out of vogue. 

So why do men prefer a hair transplant over a hair piece still?

Watch the Video to know it all.

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