Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Unfortunately I could not catch up with you face to face today. Just sending this email to let you know how grateful I am for your efforts yesterday. From the beginning when I was initially greeted I felt completed relaxed (well except for my pre-existing fear of injections which you noticed did make me slightly nervous!!).
Your willingness and patience to answer any queries whether they were small or big (in fact you even encouraged this). I especially liked the regular checks during the grafting procedure. These factors, among others, really assured me I had made the right decision choosing DarlingBuds.
In addition I feel it is worth noting the efforts of your implanters who too helped make me feel comfortable. Their professionalism, willingness to answer my questions and general friendliness put me completely at ease.
Once again to reiterate my point – The whole process was first class service and I will definitely recommend yourself and team to others in the UK and wish you continued success.

Cheers ladies and gentlemen,

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I am recommending this center to all my friends, family and acquaintances.
Shailesh Pathak,
My parting got broader and broader and I panicked! Till I went for hair transplant at Darling Buds.
Samuel McKinney,
Alabama (USA)
Skilled Indian doctor, affordable Chinese rates, American standards of care. That is what I got in India.
Big Mac,
New Zealand
To my good fortune I was recommended Dr Bhatti.
Z. Aman,
What a wonderful doctor, an incredible team and a homely clean well equipped center. I love Darling Buds.
Timothy Renoir,
Port of Spain
Dr Tejinder Bhatti is the best hair transplant surgeon in the world
They grow hair and they do a great job at it.
Tom Higgins,
I came from Germany for a holiday to India and was lucky to get a great transplant with Dr Bhatti
Raulph Harland,
An international set up and beautifully located. The center is so clean, efficient and professional.
Doug Harris
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