Hair Restoration in Shimla

Hair fall is one of the most common problems which we are facing today. It affects both the genders. Due to the polluted air and a lot of stress in personal and professional lives, most people face hair fall at an early age. Ignoring this problem will result in the permanent loss of hair, for which hair restoration treatment is the only solution. Hair restoration cost varies from clinics to clinics. You can visit us, Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center for the best hair transplant services at affordable cost.

Get the Best Hair Restoration Surgery in Shimla

We provide the best hair restoration for men and women. Our clinic is run by Dr. Bhatti who has done more than 3000 successful FUE hair transplants. In the worst cases, we do advanced hair restoration in Shimla. We first analyse the scalp of the patient and then suggest to him the best method of hair restoration. Due to our success rate, today, we have 3000+ happy customers.

Hair Loss Overview

Hair Loss Overview

Hair loss is the condition in which a person loses more hair from his scalp than he gains. It can also be defined as the medical condition in which the rate of hair loss is greater than the rate of hair gain. Hair loss has become the most common prob...

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Male Pattern Baldness Treatment in Shimla

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss which affects men. In this medical condition, hair loss occurs typically on the top and front of the scalp. It occurs due to the change in hormonal levels of men. How to stop male pattern baldness? Hair tr...

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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Shimla

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is a type of hair loss which affects women. In this type of baldness, the thinning of hair occurs on the top of the head. This thinning of hair in women often starts with the widening of the center hairline. This is one of the...

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Scalp Micropigmentation in Shimla

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative procedure to deal with the problems of hair fall. This procedure replicates the appearance of thicker hair. It is a popular non-surgical treatment for hair loss. In this process, natural pigment is applied to ...

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PRP Hair Treatment in Shimla

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is one of the treatments for hair loss. It is a three-step medical procedure in which a person's blood is drawn, processed by the doctors, and then injected back into his scalp. In this method 19 a...

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