What are the Benefits Of The FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Science changes by leaps and bounds and when it does the pace is often unpredictable. Noone in 2010 could have imagined that FUE method of hair transplant would revolutionise the field of surgical hair restoration in a mere 5 years! The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique became popular after it was refined in 2004. With a lot of hiccups in its early years of implementation and opposition from the FUT hair transplant lobby, it came into its own in 2015.

The world has embraced FUE hair transplant. Both surgeons and hair loss sufferers mostly talk about FUE and hair transplantation in the same breath. FUT is also practised- it is a good technique of hair transplantation, but FUE has taken a lead in the modern world.

With short hair styles and need for short down times, FUE fits the bill. People today fret and fume at the very mention of FUT hair transplant even though it is comparable to FUE as far as results are concerned. But people baulk at the idea of getting stitches. Let’s find out some of the reasons/benefits of opting for the FUE method for hair transplantation.

Works very efficiently

FUE hair transplant ensures that the surgeon spends more time with the patient. Through FUE hair transplant the harvesting of grafts is not confined to just the scap donor. The possibility of taking grafts from the beard, chest and other body parts is both enticing and and fulfilling.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Follow ups are minimal. No sutures/stitches need be removed. The patients can safely travel home anywhere in the world just after 36 hours since stitches need not be removed. Also the punch holes contract and close and become water tight in slightly more than a day. 

No effect on sensitivity in the long term

FUE hair transplant being minimally invasive in nature do not have prolonged loss of sensation since the wounds at most are 2-3 mm deep in the donor area and 3-4 mm deep in the recipient area.

Barely visible scarring

The days of large linear scars are over. Though FUT scars are better with the trichophytic closure, they are still not as acceptable as FUE scars are.Even with a short hairstyle scars cannot be seen if the FUE hair transplant has been performed well.

The higher survival rate of grafts

If done efficiently, FUE hair transplants grafts have a better survival rate. Also since my FUE technique of hair transplantation target anagen grafts only, greater survival rate is obtained- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPwgaUXy07o&t=178s

This also leads to quicker hair regrowth and better quality result than if telogen grafts were harvested and transplanted using the FUT method of hair transplant.

Taking care is easy as ever

Care after hair transplant is simple and does not last long. Watch- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX8tSXw-K9k&t=444s 

You won’t have any stitches and staples to worry about, and temporary bandages are removed after 12-24 hours of the procedure. 

Since the downtime after FUE method of hair transplantation is lesser, man hours off work are much much less as compared to FUT technique.

At Darling Buds Clinic we take pride in what we do. Our Anagen Q+ hair transplant is an improvement and not a modification  over the DHI method of hair transplant as is the the case in other Direct Hair Transplant methods.

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