Why some Bald at a Young Age- Dr Bhatti Explains

Genetic hair loss starts the moment hair follicles get sensitised to the male hormone DHT. When they will get sensitive is an expression of genetic encryption which is different for different people.

Though most will lose hairs in their 20s, their 30s or even their 40s, hair loss due to androgenic alopecia can start at any age, including in your mid to late teens.

16 % males are affected by some degree of male pattern baldness at age 16.

30% by age 30, 50% by age 50, and 80% by the age of 70.

However, hair loss at the tender age of 12- puberty in boys- must be rather rare.  I have not come across a single patient with hair loss at that age.

The genetic component of androgenic alopecia though is not well understood, but it is thought to be polygenic in nature- that is more than one gene contribute.

The main baldness gene is autosomal recessive found on the “X” chromosome. The reason for the myth that male-pattern baldness comes from the mother’s side of the family.

The human genome has now been sequenced.  Around 25,000 genes are present in the human body. Each of these providing instructions for a unique protein.

A study of 12,806 Caucasian men concluded that people with this gene had more than twice the risk of developing male pattern baldness than those who lacked this gene. 

But mind you, this is not the only gene that determines whether you’ll go bald.

If you have some of these other genes incriminated for  baldness, you are even more susceptible to baldness and at an early age.

Besides this there are epigenetic factors responsible for hair loss. That is acquired weaknesses we can blame our habits and lifestyles for. Like continuous exposure to pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, increased stress, lack of a balanced diet, disrupted sleep cycle, not following the sun cycle as we have discuss before leading to loss of circadian rhythm, electromagnetic radiations from phones and gadgets, blue light from phone and PC screens. 

These epigenetic factors greatly influence the expression of baldness genes.

Acting through ROS (Reactive oxygen species) they cause disruption and derangement of cellular function. 

These ROS can be neutralized or scavenged through consumption of antioxidants in proper diet and alteration of unhealthy lifestyle. 

The reasons why genetic baldness starts early, like in the case of Tom, the protagonist of this video can be summed up as:

  1.     Stress causing secretion cortisol and other hormones
  2.     Accumulation of ROS due to exposure to pollution 
  3.     Various toxins consumed through processed foods
  4.     Wrong food choices leading to poor nutrition
  5.     And a sedentary lifestyle leading to internal metabolic derangements causing increased formation of ROS and resultant oxidative stress.

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