3 questions that clients ask an which leave me dumb-founded-

“But doctor, you are bald!”

“Do it such that I will never need another hair transplant!”

The last is a confounding question I routinely get in my mail box- 

“Doctor, what is the cost of hair transplant?”

And I am always flummoxed. 

Though I empathise with the person’s lack of knowledge about the field of hair transplant, and feel instantly protective since if he can ask such a question he does not have his flanks covered. 

He is likely to fall for a hair transplant scam.

So I felt I should prepare a generic answer to this last question.

“What is the cost of hair transplant?”

But this is better still. Today I thought of making a video and forwarding this to people who ask this question that mesmerises me as much as the answer confuses my potential clients..

For starters let me tell you if this helps.

I had a patient who had a bad hair transplant for USD 500 and spent another USD 10,000 to get it rectified. Total grafts done were 5000. How much would you say the cost was?

And then I had a person who got 1000 scalp grafts for the hairline and followed up for almost 15 years with oral Finasteride without the need to go in for another procedure. He paid USD 1400.

So which hair transplant was cheaper, the first one where he got 5000 grafts for USD 10,000 or the second one- 1000 grafts for USD 1400?

So this question is not so easy to answer.

As per the the UK NHS website a hair transplant costs anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000. The cost depends upon the grade of baldness, availability of scalp and body grafts, and the experience & quality of the doctor and his team.

But NHS is not a hair transplant company. So it does not know how best to answer this question- what actually happens behind the scenes in a hair transplant clinic and what determines the cost of a procedure.

The following 8 points are crucial how clinics determine how they will charge and how clients agree to pay that charge-

  • The experience & skills of the doctor.
  • Is this a doctor’s clinic? If it is a doctor’s clinic, is the team on call?
  • If not a doctor’s clinic, is the doctor as well as the team on call?.
  • If this is a doctor’s clinic but has many branches and you do not know who will be performing the procedure in the other branches..
    1. How much hands on is the doctor under whose name you are listed? If the doctor has minimal involvement in the case, he can offer a big discount and make up by doing a nose job in another OT.
  • How many cases does the clinic do in a day?
  • What technique is used?
  • Does the doctor only perform hair transplant.

A patient of mine with OCD took almost a year to decide on choosing me as his doctor. After the procedure I quizzed him and he told me hesitatingly after a week of research,  he had visited all 3 clinics he had shortlisted for his procedure. 

Initially, he made a list of 25 hair transplant clinics.

He then went on to investigate as to how many of these 25 were 100% hair transplant clinics. Clinics that offered other services like cleft lip and palate surgery, burns surgery, laser treatments, dental treatment were weeded out. This was simple since all services were prominently displayed on the individual websites.

So he finally shortlisted 3 clinics- besides us, one in Delhi and the third in Turkey. He spent the whole day outside the 3 clinics including mine from 7 AM to 7 PM waiting to see how many patients came out wearing a bandage. One clinic had 5 cases in a day which was revolting to him and an huge eye opener being contrary to what the clinic professed on mail communication.  Another clinic did one case but the doctor left the clinic at 10 AM and did not come back till 2 PM. 

He also asked the clinics through mail that he will pay 50% cost upfront on being introduced to the doctor the day of the procedure and on getting a signed copy of his degree, but the rest 50% will only be paid after the slits are made so he knows who did the harvesting and slit-making. 

This was a real smart move.

Clinics do not realise what is going on in the minds of today’s clients. 

Today’s young patient is not gullible and does not blindly believe what a doctor says. He has available means to do proper research before choosing his doctor.

They realise the value of a clinic offering one case a day over another offering 5 or even more but giving a considerable discount.

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