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In this video I present a hair transplant result, bringing out the lessons we can learn from it since every hair transplant is unique. I have also in the last half hour, hastily compiled 10 think over and assimilate before seeking a hair transplant and starting your tortuous, often frustrating hair loss treatment and hair transplant journey.
This is a young Indian male who underwent a single day FUE megasession using scalp and body grafts to cover his large grade 5 baldness patch.
The patient’s result 6 months after the procedure is shown in detail later in this video.
The patient states that he has achieved his goals and objectives and is happy with the result.
He has been diligently taking oral Finasteride since the procedure in dosage 1 mg a day without any side effects- no side effects like in the majority who take oral Finasteride in my practice.
And it is heartening to note that he is committed to taking the DHT blocker in the long term- to save his thinning hairs from impending progressive baldness.
What he is not happy about is that hair fall from the native thinning hair continues- though at a much lesser pace since he is on Oral Finasteride. However, he still continues to lose his native thinning hairs. Because androgenetic alopecia is more potent than any DHT blocker and it never sleeps.
If hair transplant starts early chances are that you will need to do all it takes to rein in the progression of androgenic alopecia.
Before we go to the results I would like to reiterate that hair transplant is not a one time ‘fill it and forget it’ venture.

The 10 guiding principles I compiled today to guide you through your hair loss/hair transplant journey which you may like to note and which will help you in avoiding a huge BLUNDER are:

1. The decision to undergo a hair transplant should not be impulsive.
2. Go for a hair transplant when your condition is stable. With or without an oral DHT blocker.
3. Believe in science not your emotions or hard sell.
4. Because baldness never sleeps. Make a plan for the long term.
5. Select a doctor who has a vision & a plan for future progression of your baldness.
6. Get the procedure done from a doctor’s clinic where the doctor does the procedure and not a clinic which is a ‘hair mill’.
7. The doctor who counsels you should be your hair transplant doctor.
8. Cut your coat according to your cloth. The scalp donor is limited. Do not waste it in one session. Don’t kill the hen that lays golden eggs.
9. Now how do you ensure all this? Take the payment in your control. Pay 50% fees after the procedure to make sure proper protocols were followed. It is only in
hair transplant that clinics ask for 100% payment up front. If they do, you should be suspect the worst.
10. Lastly, watch videos, meet patients continue a dialogue with the doctor so you are comfortable before the procedure.

I encourage you to post a comment to this video. More learning comes through discussion. I learn more when you post and discuss the video than I do from any other resource.
It is also a great learning platform for people doing research that is unbiased.

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