Women with Hair Loss

Women more than men have a significant psychological investment in their appearance, and are likely to react more negatively to events such as hair loss that they regard as changing their appearance for the worse.

A man may expect to lose hair as he gets older, especially if his father, uncles, or other near relatives had male-pattern baldness. A woman does not generally expect to lose hair even if there is a history of hair loss in male or female relatives. In the United States, at least, there has been a general belief that thinning hair and baldness is a “male thing.”

Women more than men are bombarded with advertising images of models with luxuriously dense hair-images that establish a standard which women are challenged to emulate. They therefore become highly sensitive to a perceived social expectation that “a woman’s hair is her crowning glory”. When she perceives that hair loss detracts from the appearance of her “crowning glory” a woman is likely to experience a loss of self-esteem. Some of these unrealistic images may be in the background when a woman discusses realistic expectations for hair transplantation with her hair restoration specialist. Continue reading Women with Hair Loss

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