Common Myths About Hair Loss- Busted by Dr Bhatti

Hairloss is always annoying and gives you another reason to stress. There are so many myths, half truths and old wive’s tales about hair loss and hair transplant.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti has tried to bust most in this video-

Myth 1: All hair loss is permanent

The typical cause of male hair loss is male pattern baldness which is irreversible without medication. However other forms of hair loss that may be hormonal, post pregnancy, due to stress or illness, are reversible in most cases.

Myth 2: Excessive usage of shampoo can cause hair loss

It is important to keep the scalp clean and shampooing on every other day is a must if hair and skin hygiene are to be maintained. However use only good quality shampoos that are pH balanced.

Myth 3: Stress causes hair loss

Traumatic events, anxiety, eating disorders, and emotional strain can certainly contribute to hair loss, but they don’t affect hair permanently. Once you are out of the stressful situation, your hair returns back to its pristine self.

Myth 4: You Inherit hair loss from your parents

Inheritance of genetic baldness is polygenic in nature. It is not correct to blame either parent for it.

Myth 5: Diet affect hair loss

It’s true if you follow unhealthy diets for years that are deficient in protein, vitamins and minerals, you’ll suffer from hair loss temporarily. However you will recover once you return to balanced diet.

Myth 6: Wearing hats can cause hair loss

People’s assumption is that the scalp needs to breathe, and wearing a hat and covering it with cloth can stifle that. Hair roots get oxygen from the bloodstream, so it will not affect hair growth. However catagen hairs get uprooted earlier when you wear synthetic/woolen caps and beanies due to the static electric currents they generate in the scalp.

Myth 7: Men suffer more from hair loss than women

Hair Loss is common in both men and women, but because most men suffer from male pattern baldness which is noticeable, this myth took root. Women also do suffer from hair loss but differently- instead of early appearance of bald areas, thinning of hair is the most common complaint.

Myth 8: Increasing level of testosterone is the reason for baldness 

Studies shows that bald men have the same testosterone level as hairy ones. It is the presence or absence of the badness gene that determines the susceptibility of hairs to DHT. Hence hair loss that is genetic has no correlation to levels of circulating androgens.

Myth 9: Getting a head shave will help to grow hair faster and denser

This myth is so far from true. If you do not have hair on your head, there will be no hair loss! 

Myth 10: Vitamins help in stopping hair loss

If you are deficient in any vitamins, you will benefit from supplementation, not otherwise. A balanced healthy lifestyle with wholesome home cooked food is sufficient for adequate vitamin levels in the body.

Myth 11: After 50, you should go bald

It depends on your genetics and how you live those 50 years. Hair transplant is possible even in the elderly provided they are otherwise medically fit and have a resource of donor hair to bank upon.

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