Does Hair Transplant Surgery Help Restore Original Hair?

The only way to restore natural original looking hairs is hair transplant when you have already progressed to baldness.

Will you get the same density of hair after a hair transplant:

Hair density refers to the number of follicles that grow per square inch of your scalp. It is based on genes, ethnicity, climatic conditions of the place where the person lives. When around 50% of hair density has been lost thinning is visible.

However hair transplant cannot even closely replicate natural hair density. But clever and strategic placement of grafts can give an illusion of density and a normal look.

Can we get our desired result in one time?

In grades 2-5, a single session of hair transplant using scalp grafts with or without body grafts and give complete coverage depending upon graft availability. In others, more sessions may be required- sessions staggered over months. However since male pattern baldness is ongoing, its progressive nature will continue to create newer bald areas which may need further procedures.

The right time for transplanting for genetic hair loss

The right age is 25-27 years or after in most cases eligible for a hair transplant. If the problem of your hair fall is genetic then the younger patient should avoid it for now, because after some years natural hairs will fall and you only remain with the transplanted hair and again resulting in the thinner appearance of hair. So get a hair transplant after hair loss is stable. Stability of hair loss can be achieved by recruiting medication in your hair regrowth protocol.

How is optimum hair density after Hair transplantation

The bald area of grades 6 baldness has lost  approximately 50,000 hairs. However to cover this session we use only 6000 grafts. This is a huge deficit upon what nature has provided. So i is the skilful harvesting of grafts causing leastrasection, highest survival rate and strategic clever placement which will create an illusion of fullness.

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