Does Weather affect Hair Transplant?

Opting for a hair transplant? Here’s what one should know: 

Hair transplantation is surgical transplantation that removes hair follicles from one part of the body to the balding part. One can use a hair transplant to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, fill the accident scars, and many more.

Hair transplant helps in achieving a normal and more importantly a natural look. Today’s techniques harvest and transplant hair in natural groupings. This hair transplantation is follicular unit transplantation. 

It’s very crucial to carry out thorough research on the causes and benefits of hair transplantation.

There are certain options for transplanting  hair.  These processes include strip harvesting and follicular extraction/excision. Technology is advancing every day . But the 2 techniques of FUT and FUE have stood the test of time. There are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Besides this, one should know the ideal time of carrying out the entire process. The best time to get a hair transplant is not the weather but when you are eligible for the procedure and also when you have researched all the information, feel comfortable with the doctor and his team and do not have a pressing social or work related commitment coming up soon.  Weather is not a significant factor when it comes to choosing the right time for your hair transplantation process. 

But most think the weather  has a direct bearing on the results that you will get after the hair transplant. Which is the best season for you in this process? 

Let’s have a look at the summer and winter seasons:


It is normal to sweat when there’s summer season because of the daily activities that you keep doing. While doing this, it’s crucial to see whether excessive sweating indirectly causes the transplantation results and recovery time. When a doctor suggests you take leave from office for a few days, it’s not to prevent sweat but to have an overall smooth recovery to promote healing..

During summers, the only important thing in aftercare includes wearing ensuring a loose cap, a bandana or a baseball cap while exposing yourself to the sun. Direct exposure can affect the healing process. Keep spraying often to keep grafts cool and moist when outdoors. Also, keep your scalp clean before opting for a hair transplant in summer.


The winter season brings cold weather- and in certain places it is much lower than freezing. It is all about comfort in extreme weathers- whether hot or cold and the clothing you wear.  Aftercare includes staying away from extreme cold in first 5 days,  not wearing a woollen hood/ beanie. After a week, you can wear a loose fitting cap- after 6 weeks a cotton beanie can be worn.

So it boils down to caution in care when you are exposed to extreme weather conditions, whether in the Sahara Desert of the freezing Siberian plains.

In moderate weather, hair transplant can be done at any time when you feel comfortable.

One can follow these aftercare tips for excellent results:

  • Avoid washing off your hair for a few days.
  • After 2 weeks of transplant, one can wash their hair with a baby shampoo or gentle specialist shampoo.
  • Avoid contact sport or any other violent activity for 6 weeks.
  • Regular online follow-ups are important to check all is healing well.
  • Avoid combing of hair for 2 weeks in the transplanted region. This is not a problem in most since hair is cut very short.
  • For any discomfort, one can approach the doctor for taking a prescription regarding painkillers.
  • One should not panic for swelling seen after the 3rd or 4th day of the transplant.
  • Don’t consume alcohol for about 5 days and smoke for one month as it can interfere with the blood supply in your head. 
  • One should always drink water frequently to stay hydrated.

Hair transplant though not risky, is a surgical procedure. Hence look for a good hair transplant doctor with whom you are comfortable and who you think will be approachable after the procedure- since hair transplant is just one spoke in the wheel of hair restoration. 

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