What is common between Amazon and a hair transplant?

“You part with your money upfront but have no guarantee the goods will be delivered.”

A few months back,  I ordered 2 copies of the same book and paid for them in advance on Amazon.

But though I was billed for 2, there was only one book I received.

I did return it to the delivery boy.

But had I paid for it in advance, I do not know if anyone would believe I just received one book. There is no way I would have got my money back.

I no longer buy from Amazon- buy anything for which I have to pay cash in advance.

Though the authorities may think differently, personally I have nothing against clinics where doctors do not do the hair transplant procedure.

For they too do a service. They do procedures at low rates.

Everyone is not fortunate enough to have the money for a hair transplant. Hair transplants can be very costly.

Whether you are rich or you are a farmhand earning a paltry USD 250 a month, hair loss affects you similarly. 

So when these clinics offer a full hair transplant in the cost range of USD 500  USD 1000, it does not get at my goat.

It may be unethical to regulatory authorities and criminal as well, but I see this in another light.

These clinics also have made hair transplant a household name.

But what is wrong is a False promise.

A false promise that the doctor will do the procedure when in more than 99% clinics, the doctor does not do the harvesting- the crucial part of the procedure that determines the number of hairs per graft.

In such cases besides the morality of the issue, there is no continuity. One patient will get a result and on another day, another team operates and one is unsure what one will get.

It is like a game of dice.

But people are made to be gullible.

Some so gullible that I see routinely and who come for a redo hair transplant after getting scammed. Scammed at having believed the clinic and not getting what was promised. Besides this the scars of a miserable density and an overharvested donor.

If you pay in advance, there is no incentive for the service provider to pay attention to you. You are a sure thing and can be taken care of at their leisurely schedule. Or completing the service to your satisfaction would be another low importance factor for them. You paid already and getting your money back from them will be a big hassle for you. So you resign at some point and service provider gets away with sub-par work.

Generally a consumer wants to pay after using a service since he can demand quality and ensure he gets what was promised. However when  a consumer is familiar with the service, he has not issues with paying in advance if asked for.

Clinics that insist on advance payments- upto 50% amount even for booking a procedure, are fearful of payments.

Because dishonest practices attract dishonest customers.

That is the real reason 

Paying during receiving the service takes care of the interests of both the client and service provider.

The best way in hair transplant to ensure your rights as a customer, you should pay after the harvesting and slit making is done and you are taking a b coffee break before plantation starts.

You have the total graft count and you know the doctor has done the steps himself.

This will prevent you from falling prey to rampant scams in this industry which mostly is no longer in the hands of ethical doctors who stick to the Hippocratic Oath.

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