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Located in the heart of Mumbai, Mohali & Chandigarh, Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic is a pioner in advanced FUE technique of hair transplantation. With hair transplantation industry becoming increasingly costly with the Turkey Model being adopted by clinics the world over, we provide a safe, affordable and result oriented hair restoration procedure in the safety of Dr Bhatti’s hospital where you feel secure with top intensive care available. Patients are increasingly worried about safety after the rash of complications after and during hair transplant procedures that came to light on real & social media. Even with budgetary constraints when you cannot spend more for a hair transplant, we have suitable packages available at different times of the year which you can avail. This discount on safe effective procedures of hair transplant have been widely appreciated in the community. Of the two methods of hair transplant, FUE is by a long mile the foremost given the safety and better results of hair transplant made available case after case. We were the first clinic run by the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in the world to completely switch to doing FUE hair transplants in 2009 when people were afraid on trodding the unbeaten path of FUE hair transplant surgery. We have since enjoyed the First Entrant Advantage and have garnered precious experience- experience which most doctors will never get since the industry is now technician – led.
The only Clinic that ensures that the Doctor you chose will be the Doctor who does the procedure on you. When we say that thi is a "One Doctor, One Patient, One Team, One Clinic" we asure you of our single-minded, whole-hearted attention to every detail when you choose us over the competition.
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Leading The Hair Transplant Industry

The reasons why we at Darling Buds Clinic enjoy respect and pre-eminence as one of the Top 20 Clinics around the World for hair transplant:

Our clinical skills at FUE technique are second to none.
Our staff members are disciplined, motivated and committed to a long term engagement in service at Darling Buds Clinic. We have the lowest attrition rates in the industry and hence we are able to give standardised care. Most clinics do not have their own Team and rely on itinerant packs of gypsy technician teams, tired and overworked, but underpaid due to the huge competition. Since these clinics have new people operating every other day, the procedure cannot be standardised since every step has a new stakeholder technician every single time.
Our preop and postop follow-ups are now legion and the talk of the industry and various forums. Dr Bhatti- Best Hair Transplant Doctor remembers each patient by name and his personal interaction with the patient is what cannot be replicated. Most other doctors will not recall what procedure was done and what were the difficulties encountered during the procedure due to lack of involvement. This does not go well with the patient community since once trust is lost, it can never be rebuilt.
Our hair restoration facilities are start-of-the-art and affordable, being budget friendly. EMI facility is also available as short term financing loans from a credit company. This has come as a savior for many patients especially those who have just started their carer and are getting bald.


Our treatments mostly relate to the problems of Androgenetic alopecia and include counseling for hair loss, medical treatment, PRP, hair transplant. Recently we also added SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) to our array of services.

This the the First Hair Hospital in the world!
From Sector 17 Chandigarh where were situated for 10 years, we shifted to our new hospital building in 2017 and are now a part of the ambitious Five Rivers Hair Hospital Project at Chandigarh. Besides our world famous FUE hair transplant services, we now have advanced hair analysis and work up lab, Advanced PRP Lab and sterile state of the art operation theaters and suites. Under the Chairmanship of Dr Amulyajit Kaur ( we are working on modalities to enhance hair growth and maintenance using top notch PRP and stem cell therapies as adjuncts or standalone treatments besides hair transplant. Read about Dr Amulya’s profile and her work on Cell Biology and Research in the above link.
Unlike a majority of hair clinics around the world, that operate in clustered & claustrophobic one-room set ups in busy congested & dusty markets and showrooms with hardly any safety standards as per prescribed norms, we abide strictly by the Indian Clinical Establishment Act. We strictly adhere to the Pollution Control Laws of the country too. Also ours is a Green Building.

We have a competent and full time back-up team of surgeons and anesthetists to provide the patients with due safety. Besides, we also provide:
  • Fire safety arrangements
  • Lab support
  • Familiar environment for the disabled
  • Green building that conserves energy and leverages water harvesting to save water.
In addition, to provide completely safe environment in our hospital we also ensure:
  • Fire safety arrangements
  • Disposal of Biomedical waste
  • Proper treatment of medical waste or effluent
All these safety standards help us to keep the environment safe and do not add risk to society. Overall, we have created a safety benchmark with our hospital for others in the hair transplant industry to follow.

The following points engender trust in the community:
  • International standards with regional appeal.
  • We provide world-class technology and technique to perform minimally invasive hair transplant in Chandigarh.
  • Minimally invasive nature of this surgery. No Strip line scars.
  • Low down time. You can get back to your place and work immediately. Even if you are from a different country, you can fly back in just 2 days from the procedure.
  • Owing to the high-class facilities we offer, we are the leading hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh and the only one in the region with an international repute.

Our results are 100% natural results. All our grafts survive since we follow Dr Bhatti’s trademarked ANAGEN Q+ technique of speedy harvest with low out of body time of harvested grafts. Since only anagen grafts are harvested, our graft counts are low but survival rates are high.
We have perhaps the largest cases of Revision hair transplants since we are geographically situated to hundreds of ‘Penny-per-Graft’ Hair transplant Clinics in India. These are challenging cases after poorly selected or failed or badly done hair transplants but are a great learning experience.

Yes, we are the most cost-friendly hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. If you take the cost of a bad hair transplant into consideration. A badly done hair transplant equals the cost of a hair transplant in USA when it goes for Repair. Our rates vary as per the type of baldness of our patients. In any case, we ensure highest graft survival ratio and yet fit well within your budget.

You can call or email us to book an appointment with our surgeon. If you are in or around Chandigarh, you can also visit us personally.

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