How to choose the best hair transplant clinics

Thank you for visiting Darling Buds hair transplant Clinic.

While you continue to research further, I would like to add just a few words about the services we offer. 

The reason why hair loss sufferers prefer us.

Remember it is the doctor you select, not the clinic.

Ours is a ‘One Doctor-OnePatient-OneClinic-OneTeam” Clinic.

I take up only one case a day in the clinic where I am present. And I don’t have any branches!

So how are you sure this promise will be kept?. 

Well, do not pay till the harvesting and slit making is complete. 

So you know who did what. 

There is no better guarantee than this. Or is there!

If this option of payment is offered by any other clinic, please also consider them for your hair transplant.

The doctor who counsels you should do the procedure.

The doctor who does the procedure should do the follow-up.

The doctor who does the follow-up should know everything about your baldness, and the quality of grafts and condition of donor.

He should have a plan for you in place.

For it is not a one time treatment.

You will need to be in touch with your doctor for many years and discuss the ever evolving baldness with him,

A doctor whom you met just for counseling on the other hand will only be able to give you general advice. Not advice that is specific to you. 

So do your research well and choose wisely. 

Choose a doctor who you are comfortable with.

Your first hair transplant will make or mar your long term goals & objectives and overall happiness.

Remember it is the doctor you select, not the clinic.

It is your right to know about your doctor and to insist on treatment only by him.

Don’t pay for a service you never got.

For there are no second chances in Love, War & hair Transplant!

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