Importance of the Scalp Donor in Hair Transplant

Is a hair transplant in India something you’re thinking about?
Here’s a question for you!
Have you discussed with your doctor what the donor area will be?

Choosing the proper donor location for a hair transplant is crucial to ensuring that you receive the optimal coverage and the best hair transplant treatment in India. Select centers are specialised in body hair transplant due to which the choice today is not limited to the
scalp donor. Body hair transplant (grafts from beard, chest) have made full coverage in extensive grades of baldness possible today.
Choosing the right donor area can determine what sort of outcome you will receive from your hair transplant.
So let us first understand about the types of donor areas and their significance in hair restoration surgery.


Basically, the donor site is the place where hair grows the fastest, is the densest. Also hairs in these areas are immune to the effect of DHT- the baldness hormone. Hairs or what is called grafts are removed from one area of the scalp or body (donor areas) and moved or transplanted to the bald region on the head. In facial hair transplants, grafts may also be transplanted to the beard, the eyebrow, the moustaches and even the eyelashes. The sides and back of the head are typically the best donor locations that provide long-lasting hairs.
This area is also referred to as the ‘safe’ or the ‘permanent’ zone.

How do you determine whether the donor is fit for harvest or not?
In determining the correctness of a donor area, we consider the following factors.
● Density of donor hair
● Donor hair quality- there should not be much miniaturisation
● Dimensions of the donor area
● Scalp elasticity (for FUT only)
● Is the scalp donor free of skin disease- psoriasis, alopecia areata, seborrheic dermatitis or infections.

What are the other donor areas to harvest grafts from?
Body grafts can be used from the following sites:
● Beard Hair
● Chest Hair
● Limbs
These areas are recruited in hair transplanted only when the scalp is insufficient to cover the bald area. Since these hairs have different characteristics like color, texture and curl, they may not be suitable in isolation. Body grafts are to be mixed with scalp grafts so they lose their unique characteristics that may have made them look awkward by standing out. Body hair are also never used for softer areas like the transition areas of the hairline, the temple points and for eyebrow restoration.

This article provided an explanation of what a donor area is and its significance. Also, we
realized why choosing the proper donor area for a hair transplant is so important and why
the scalp is the best donor site. Hair transplant treatment results today are heavily
influenced by whether the center is skilled to carry out megasessions using body grafts or
not. And this is what patients today seek when they are researching the bst clinic and the
best doctor for a hair transplant in India and elsewhere.

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