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Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti's Darling Buds Clinic, is a leading FUE hair transplant clinic in India. Based in Mohali (Chandigarh area, and Mumbai), the clinic is one of the World's first doctor-only clinics fully dedicated to FUE hair transplant. Dr Tejinder Bhatti's passion for Megasessions for Grade 6-7 male pattern baldness is widely known.
The Clinic has lived upto its reputation for over 15 years as the foremost doctor clinic in India providing expert care by a world famous hair restoration plastic surgeon fully committed to an advanced FUE hair transplant technique called the Anagen Q+ Technique .
Our motto- "One Patient, One Doctor, One Clinic & One Team" underlines our commitment to provide safe, ethical, efficient & effective procedures to just One patient a day by just One doctor assisted by a full-time happy Team of qualified nurses. Due to the superior quality of our hair transplant results,we have a busy schedule but when you book, you will be pleasantly surprised with the attention you will get -the whole day is completely yours with our undivided attention to do the best procedure we can for you.
For you are our best advertisement!
Ours is a doctor run clinic- where the doctor is not just the face of the clinic!
Dr Tejinder Bhatti is completely hands-on, doing the major part of the procedure himself. So he understands your situation and will be able to guide you for many years to come. This is the difference people choose Dr Tejinder Bhatti for their hair loss management and for hair transplant. When you choose Dr Tejinder Bhatti, you choose a life long doctor-patient relationship. Dr Bhatti will not only guide you through your after-care following hair transplant, but as your baldness progresses over the years he will be there to help.
Since a hair transplant is neither a standalone recourse to baldness, nor is it a one-time solution to male pattern baldness, it is a necessity to have a qualified doctor by your side when you have the baldness gene and are fighting hair loss.
Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a fully hands-on doctor who loves to interact with his patients. Though every business is for profit, your experience with us will be entirely different since your well-being, happiness and long term satisfaction is as as important to us as it is to you. For you are our advertisement!

Our Story

Our Story

Our Team

Dr Tejinder Bhatti
CEO, Darling Buds Clinic
Dr Akanxa Bhatti
CEO, Darling Buds Mumbai
CEO, Five Rivers Hospital, Mohali
Dr Amulyajit Kaur
CEO, Amulya Labs & Hair Sciences
Darling Buds Clinic 5 Rivers Hospital Mohali
Ms. Shalini Negi
Darling Buds Clinic
Mr Puneet
Business Manager
Darling Buds Clinic

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