TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), Finasteride and your hair loss.

When it comes to hair loss and testosterone the only thing that comes to the mind of hair loss patients is- ‘SIDE EFFECTS!” “SIDE EFFECTS” “SIDE EFFECTS!” Side effects of Finasteride, side effects of Testosterone, side effects of Estrogen, side effects of Arimidex, and side effects of combining testosterone with Finasteride and sometimes with Arimidex.

Steroid based culture in the fitness community is a norm today and rather than shy away from it, we as hair restoration specialists need to understand it and with the knowledge we have empower our patients who seek our help.

Though I am a hair transplant surgeon, in all the enquiries that I am bombarded with, I never realise when specialty boundaries gets crossed and I find myself in the realm of endocrinology one day and anti-aging and hormonal replacement fields on another.

For, you cannot compartmentalise your knowledge. You cannot treat one organ and refuse to look at the other. As a doctor you are expected to have a bird’s eye view of the complexities of the human body; and at the end of the day you wish to address your patient’s doubts, his problems, the best way you possibly can. 

No other specialty will understand the play of hormones on hair and hairloss and the psyche of the hair loss sufferer that comes along; and surgical hair restoration being my field, me and my specialty colleagues are best endowed academically to deal with the mindset of hair loss sufferers whom we understand better than most.

Be it TRT or any other medical treatment which has a bearing on hair, directly or indirectly, And if the patient reposes faith I would treat him holistically rather than confine him to the domain of compartmentalised water-tight therapy of various sub specialities. For, hair loss is the chief concern in the mind of the hair loss sufferer and body building and other concerns are often not his priority. 

Let us see how best to navigate this complex labyrinth of hair loss, sex hormones, sex hormone blockers and weight training.

If you are concerned about this topic, if you find yourself repeatedly beating your head against the wall looking for solutions, you may like to continue watching-


Testosterone and TRT discussions come with differing opinions. TRT is something that has been demonised and so is Finasteride- and many refer to both with negative connotations. And when you add Arimidex to it, all hell breaks loose and this becomes a taboo topic!

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